Getting organized with Scapple

Scapple is such a useful tool in my line of work. It’s the equivalent of brainstorming on meta cards and shuffling them about until you see sense.

Like when I’m designing a questionnaire. Here, for example, I’m drafting based on an assessment framework a pre-/post-test for a training on adolescent reproductive health involving their parents (evidence from research is that parents shape their children’s views on sexual and reproductive health). Participants are triads comprised of father, mother, and their adolescent child. My initial draft of questions in the profile section looks like this:

For the parents, a different set of profile questions (I’m thinking if it’s different for the father and mother) apply not shown above.

I’ve tried a few mind mapping tools previously but after discovering Scapple, I’m a fan. The tool offers more flexibility in moving your idea notes about. It also facilitates synthesis and feedback as it’s visually clear to anyone how each item connects to another and whether that connection is a logical one.

The video introduction below also mentions Scrivener and how a Scapple map can be exported to it. I’m also a Scrivener user. More of my use of this tool later.


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