Women’s Month 2016

Still on the power of messaging and add to that the fact it’s women’s month, what if instead of the usual lengthy talks and written analysis of women’s issues like domestic violence we use images to bring home the message? Like this one:

The image conveys without need for words why a repeatedly violated woman may find it difficult, in an emotional and psychological sense, to remove herself at once from the situation, and when she does why the experience could traumatize or alter her perspectives of things for life.

Seeing the image, I bet audiences will forget to laugh. Speakers sometimes try to make light of the situation to soften the impact of their data on audiences. For me though that sort of presentation is contributory to why there remains a lack of real understanding of the gravity of the issue which follows a lack of urgency and adequacy of response, such as what continues to happen in the provinces where, for instance, in an amicable settlement, parents, with blessings from public authorities, agree to marriage between their teenaged children, one, the victim, the other, the rapist. Even among social and development workers, there is belief the two could learn to truly love each other.


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