Thoughts post-election day

It’s with humility, extreme humility, that I accept this, the mandate of the people. I feel a sense of gratitude to the Filipino people.

Those, reportedly, were among the first things the new President said post-election day. Fine words, I have to say. I wasn’t for him, but for the good sense in those words, I will back down a bit and try to be positive about possibly exciting days ahead.

Telly-viewing Filipinos must’ve known by now that the new President is an outlier, and as one, he’s bringing onto the table qualities uncommon in a long-time politician which may be just what this nation didn’t know it needed.

Ms. Ilagan, the former Davao city council member, who also served in Congress, said she believed that Mr. Duterte’s willingness to be frank and spontaneous made him the kind of leader who could bring an end to the conflicts.

“He expresses what others are not able to say in polite society,” she said. “He is friendly and open to all sides, which is exciting for his presidency.”

In short, as Filipino as one could get.

Having been the long time mayor of Davao City, he knows the effects of Manila-centric policies and understandably,

Mr. Duterte’s spokesman, Peter Lavina, said at a news conference that the new president would attempt to change the constitution and shift power to the regions while trying to negotiate peace with rebel groups that have long battled the central government.

I won’t comment yet on the attempt to change the constitution, but as one who’s been studying and observing urbanization here, I hope the new President will really push for regional development but in the context of a national spatial strategy.

In any case, Filipinos are all curious eyes now on the newly-elect.


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