On traffic as the reason to grant emergency powers

New Jersey turnpike traffic
Summertime traffic, turnpike New Jersey, USA via Huffington Post

Traffic management in Metro Manila is under the metropolitan authority i.e. MMDA. The LGUs in other localities. The DOTC on the other hand sets the policies. Why would the President’s Office take over administrative tasks? Why not instead review the capacity of human resources in these agencies in order to install necessary changes?

If constitutional emergency powers is granted to the Executive for purposes of traffic management, then slash taxes by half and afterward for all LGUs and government agencies to stop doing their jobs, declare a failed State because then everything will be done by the President’s men.

But how has traffic gotten into the picture when Congress has yet to expressly provide the Executive emergency powers on the war on drugs? Also why not for the resolution of issues emanating from Mindanao – terrorism (what do you call kidnappings and beheadings of civilians but not that?), land ownership, IPs, self governance – that clearly has had nationwide impact?

Finally, what’s the national policy that would provide credence for granting such powers? It cannot be traffic. Congress since it’s opening and following constitutional separation of powers has not shown independence of thought regarding national concerns. It’s approach is still the old way.


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