What is the rush for?

When our rush to create, produce and consume is obviously leading us to destroy our home planet, shouldn’t intelligence compel us to slow down? It should. But it’s not happening.

My generation has been lucky enough to have known a time of stability relative to flooding, typhoons, and natural disasters of the scale and magnitude younger (including my children’s) generations are witnessing now. Unfortunately for these generations as well as developing countries, we all now have leveled up in regard to this issue: to produce less or not? to consume less or not? What would less cars manufactured mean? What would more walking mean? What would more homegrown produce mean? What would less development of open fields mean? What would less clothes and shoes in our wardrobes mean? What would less forests razed down for logs and settlements mean? Will we die or become less human if we created, produced, and consumed less?

In the Philippines though we produce less relative to neighboring ASEAN tiger economies, we do consume more– just look inside malls here, divisorias, and stores where our penchant for hoarding (even if many of these things break down just after a few days of use) and wasteful eating are evident (I hate to hear parents telling their kids to eat up “because there are many who don’t have food to eat”. I mean, that shouldn’t be said in the first place to children as these will stay in their minds and create lifelong guilt feelings over things they ought not to be guilty about. The better reasoning is it’s just the responsible thing to do). In Baguio City, I don’t know why City Hall in view of it’s difficulty to provide waste disposal in it’s own land has not stepped up it’s order on the rationalized use of plastic bags in business establishments whereas in places such as Makati and Ortigas plastic bag is absolutely bawal na.

Such are the concerns and forgotten responsibilities we all need to make time for– think about the ways we create, produce and consume and do something about it immediately. It is good that celebrities who altogether command a huge global following have started to courageously lend their fame, credibility and voice to educating and sensitizing the public. Planet Earth is everybody’s home, after all,


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