Lay it to rest already

move on

No decision whether made by a private individual or an institution is accepted wholly by everybody, for the fact that human needs and wants is a bottomless pit. Hence unless the person (or institution) says, ooops that’s as far as it goes with me nothing can ever really satisfy. Just look at the ever expanding varieties of goods and services. And, the ever mounting waste which is the resulting effect of consumption. It’s not that the freedom to consume or do what one pleases with one’s hardearned money is being curtailed but rather it’s that we will inevitably arrive at a point when we, because of unrelenting conscience or intelligence, draw the line beyond which we recognize as already avarice and irresponsibility.

Thus is the issue concerning former President Marcos’ burial place. The issue has always been just between two personalities, both brilliant and strongminded ie. the former President and the former Senator Benigno Aquino that has, after the latter’s imprisonment and exile on grounds of treason, widened, ala Romeo and Juliet, to include their families and supporters hence Marcoses et. al. vs. Aquinos et. al. that because of their inability or refusal to reconcile differences among themselves even after the deaths of the main personalities has dragged into their private net the Filipino nation and State. Who shouldered the cost of this publicly-staged real life saga? Taxpayers. So- tama na (enough already)!

This country is a nation of almost 100M Filipinos. Protest to the SC decision has come from the same people ie. supporters, hangers on, and those personally affected by rulings under a martial law State then. They’re not even the entire population of Metro Manila.

What are the rest of the nation doing? Going about their daily lives in order to put food on the table, continue to send their children to school, pay for rent, mortgage, loans, partying, preparing for the holidays, watching PBB, Googling Meghan Markle etc. Libingan ng mga Bayani? Marcos? Aquino? What people urgently need are jobs, good working conditions, adequate and quality infrastructures and services, safety and security in the streets, peace- such things that make for vibrant, liveable, and healthy communities that ordinary Filipinos have long gone without. Majority of Filipinos don’t give a fuck anymore where Marcos or Aquino for that matter will be buried. Why should they when many of them are worse off, being landless and homeless while alive?

Dictatorship, a label promoted by media, is in the past and rehashing it over and over is like eating up one’s vomit again and again. It’s why this sort of remembering is dysfunctional. Besides, Libingan ng mga Bayani was originally put up for Filipino soldiers who fought and died for the country in the war. So technically nobody but them should be in there. But then afterward Presidents, whether or not certified to be of good moral character, were buried there. So following this custom all Presidents should be in there too.

We say we side on fairness so let us recognize the fact that Marcos was elected by the people hence his legitimacy unquestionably came from the people. Let us also recognize in the name of fairness the context (circumstances and factors) why somebody late in his second term would call for martial law and only for a short term. If his motive was dictatorship he would’ve done it at the beginning of his first term and throughout the rest of his terms. Only somebody in a position of responsibility who had to face extraordinary circumstances would know in depth why one has to act in particular ways. Ask any parent. Ask the US presidency relative to it’s stand on national security and terrorism.

But, back to Marcos, had we in the name of fairness sought to hear his side of the events? No. It has always been one side talking and influencing the public’s ear. Lastly, to be fair, it was martial law, during which time the Constitution (not the President) suspends certain rights. That was the point of the emergency powers after all, in order to minimize the impact of certain acts and preserve what was then a legitimate government.

Contention was elections were rigged. But then that was also the complaint since after Marcos. Actually, everything that had been hurled against him were also hurled against all those who came after him. Even at former President Cory, then her son former President Noynoy. Now we’re saying it’s President Duterte’s fault. My goodness!

Wake up! The fault is also with us citizens. Let us be humble, honest and sorry enough to see our part in that side of history. And let us then forgive ourselves first- our misplaced pride, mistakes, failures, and shortcomings. And move on.

We should be forward looking, talking positively of the future, life, not dead people and their feuds. There are so many things we need to focus our energies on.

We need to release our emotional stronghold on these dead bodies. We need to release our unsatisfactory past (which we had a part in) and it’s death-grip on us. Holding on to these has only brought our country great loss- years of unnecessary partisanship (reason even for hangers on without conscience to gain political hold) and a cycle of karmic events until we are able to get it.


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