The Catholic religious in the Marcos burial controversy 

La Salle University sets activities vs Marcos burial

The Catholic religious played a big part in installing Presidents here beginning with ESDA I, which if you think about it was exactly their medieval role which history does not speak kindly of. And when their installed personalities later disappointed the people, they had not one practical solution to offer. Now they’re again stirring up old hatreds.

Charity begins at home. By this I mean the religious are not without sin because in fact: (1) Catholic universities in this country particularly in the Metro continue to cater to families who are more than able to shell out at least PHP70K per semester per child. This is scandalous given the poverty of the Filipino masses in fulfilling basic education for their children much more afford higher education tuition. How could you face Christ confidently every day knowing this is your policy?; (2) erring priests who committed sins punishable by law are protected from being accountable before the law. Nobody has taken to the streets in order to call them out. Why? It’s the power of the cloth. They tell battered wives to forgive and forget in the name of love and to keep their marriage intact and lo and behold women will quakingly believe and obey them. Such is that power. 

My point is, the religious are not without sin that power of the cloth can be abused and so forgiveness starts at home, with themselves. With this realization and humbled by the fact, one is compelled to act charitably toward others: To bridge the divide. To be sacrificial lambs as what they themselves preach. To be Christ-like. To show that godly acts which are seemingly impossible to do when faced with hatred are doable. To show that Christian values still matter today. Such is their calling. Their mission.

But when they themselves go low to become leaders of dissension and hatred…it’s like good has fled from the earth.


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