Beyond moronic

Inquirer front page Davao hit man says hundreds were killed

Why would any one with half a brain provide a self-confessed killer air time or front page visibility so he could broadcast to the people his misadventures? Do we, educated people, and without expert legal assistance seriously believe the words of a self confessed killer? Worse, that highly-educated Senators have allowed a self confessed killer to splatter the halls of Congress with casual recount of murder is beyond moronic! What does it merit Senators or the nation to listen, in attention, to a self confessed killer tell about smashing the head of that guy, or gorging out the eyeballs of that youth, or pelting that man’s body with shotgun bullets? A killer’s place is in court or behind bars under maximum security! Why is a mass killer even in Congress, at large, free to walk in and out, and talking?

PTV Twitter implication of Senate hearing of Davao death squad

And, my god, why do we even want to debate on the implication of the Senate hearing of mass killers? The implication, obviously, is that these Senators having stooped so low have totally lost their respectability and good sense- the place of killers are in court or behind bars not in the hallowed halls of Congress! Senators going toe to toe with the reasoning of killers and murderers, conversing with them like they were in a cooking show and their topic was how to do a perfect sunny side up?

oh darling go buy a brain

These Senate hearings are exactly why Pinoys, the masses who are viewing these, get desensitized, over the years, to violence and government’s lack of proper response. The government in modeling to the nation a casual and laggard attitude to public issues which it’s duty-bound to protect the nation from has formed the kind of people at large now: cooking class students gathered around the table seriously giving ear to how to dissect and cook a dead body.


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