First Lady for the 21st century

The much-anticipated ASEAN Summit is finally here and the President and his team are doing a wonderful job. He is much respected among his peers which is why what he says, as Chair, will shape the direction of the Summit in a big way.

On the sides though we hear the crabs- Filipinos who keep at putting down their fellow Filipinos, or more specifically, a President who they can’t control, who refuse to be their puppet. They label him ‘strong man’ and they think with that they’ve pulled the curtains down on the people. But who are they fooling? I mean, who among the world’s state leaders are not strong men and women? Can a country survive when led by weak men and women? In this sense, strong is like sex.

Anyway. What I’d really like to say in this post is that it’s good to see the President’s partner, Honeylet, visible in the Summit. She is lovely. She looked classy in her green (love the shade!) jacket. And, may I say it, she has a fine pair of pins (rivalling Duchess Catherine’s!). She has the making of a 21st century Filipino First Lady.

It has been a long time since this country had a First Lady. The last has been unjustly called names to the point where First Lady is degraded to Supreme Slut. But the association is just the conjuring of dirty minds. Do we know that the Filipino bloodline is of dugong maharlika?

It is time the country has a First Lady. Honeylet touring the other First Ladies in the national museum signifies the important role of a woman, a First Lady, in, among others, promoting, preserving, and sustaining Filipino culture. And culture includes values ie. positive Filipino values. The President in his speech essentially called for a culture of peace to prevail in and within ASEAN. How do we go about achieving that? The First Lady of the 21st cemtury has much to contribute toward that.


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