On the Jakarta bombing

What’s signficant and alarming in this attack is, it’s Starbucks. Who goes to Starbucks?  Mostly the yuppie crowd out on a break for good fun, small talk, and coffee, all these in a genteel and cosmopolitan environment. Being the target of an attack, more so by extremism is farthest in their minds.

But then that’s the objective of terrorism:  for one to know terror and subsequently, one’s life to be defined by it.  Too, that is why we fight it. Because, who is the normal human being who wants to live in constant anxious anticipation of horrific events happening close to home hence his or her life to be constricted by such?

Ironic though that terror-ism is happening at a time when the world is very much advanced in knowledge, that is, knowledge of what is right and wrong.