Pioneers in the 21st century

Displacement is one of the wicked issues affecting people and governments in the 21st century. Camps and centers are not home, merely holding areas. Eventually IDPs leaving the camps find new places to resettle in preferring urban areas for their perceived wealth of opportunities. For the urban planning community, this implies the need for new strategies in designing inclusive settlement areas.


I mentioned in an earlier post that hunger in the midst of plenty and the availability of technology to mass produce probably is the number one problem the global community has to contend with.

Number two is displacement of persons, a by-product of internal crises. Anybody who has been inside refugee and IDP camps could see that life there is bereft of dignity no matter how external agencies try to make the space and structures imitate home.

The word ‘camp’ itself brings up the pathetic faces of masses of civilian prisoners in WWI who were herded off to god knows where in order to die undeserved criminal deaths.

Similarly, refugee and IDP camps as a whole is purgatory on earth.  A wasteland, in that fearful, confused, and numbed populations who otherwise are in the prime of their lives not to mention millions of children and young people who are just beginning to live wait it out. For what? Nations to declare peace, ceasefire, or truce, and their home government’s action so they could make their way back home, their community, or country. How soon will that be?

That’s the point, the pursuit of personal happiness, what these populations could and would otherwise do with their lives, has been taken out of their control.