Why I’m blogging Perspectives…

I’ve put off writing this section because I first wanted to know if maybe, just maybe there’s a similar thought to mine out there. And what coincidence I came across it in The Unheavenly City by Edward C. Banfield:

This book will probably strike many readers as the work of an ill-tempered and mean-spirited fellow. I would not mind that especially if I did not think that it might prevent them from taking its argument as seriously as they should. I should like therefore to assure the reader that I am as well-meaning – probably even as soft-hearted – as he. But facts are facts, however unpleasant, and they have to be faced unblinkingly by anyone who really wants to improve matters in the cities.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m blogging Perspectives…

  1. can I know your code name? or just your name so that I can put it as my reference on my rsearch thank you :0


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